Leeds Meeples is a community of people in and around Leeds who like to meet up from time to time and play very geeky board games in a relaxed, non-serious manner.

If the names Carcassonne, Settlers Of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Agricola, Chrononauts and Apples to Apples make you excited: join us!

Please read what to expect when you come to Leeds Meeples and our Guide to Behaviour at Meeples.

We look forward to meeting you!

We are:

Dave almost never misses a Meeples, and turned up despite having the world's worst hangover on one occasion. He also runs the @LeedsMeeples twitter feed, and in his civilian life does Computer Wizardry.
Favourite games: Pandemic, Dominion, Bohnanza
Game most keen to learn how to play: Quatrogammon (it's backgammon! For four players! In a circle! What?!)
Hates: Agricola (because I get punchy), Once Upon A Time (aaargh! Storytelling under pressure!)
Laura is also known as Toby, takes ages to warm to a new game and is a genderqueer librarian. Toby likes to customise games and change the rules. Laura also runs the @LeedsMeeples twitter feed.

Favourite games: Dominion, We Didn't Play Test This At All, Mascarade, Articulate and Agricola.
Expert in: Pandemic
Hates: Seven Wonders, Race for the Galaxy