Leeds Meeples is one of several gaming groups in Leeds. What makes us different is that we try to run our games as a safer space and take this pretty seriously - we want people to feel comfortable playing games with us who are new to board gaming or unhappy with the hostile atmosphere we've experienced at some groups. For other groups in the area, check out Leeds Gaming who have just set up a new group promoting all the gaming events in Leeds.

We like to play very geeky board games Carcassonne, Settlers Of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Agricola, Chrononauts and Apples to Apples) in a relaxed way that includes a lot of socialising.

Please read what to expect when you come to Leeds Meeples and our Guide to Behaviour at Meeples.

We look forward to meeting you!

We are:

Dave almost never misses a Meeples, and turned up despite having the world's worst hangover on one occasion. He also runs the @LeedsMeeples twitter feed, and in his civilian life does Computer Wizardry.
Favourite games: Pandemic, Dominion, Bohnanza
Game most keen to learn how to play: Quatrogammon (it's backgammon! For four players! In a circle! What?!)
Hates: Agricola (because I get punchy), Once Upon A Time (aaargh! Storytelling under pressure!)
Laura takes ages to warm to
a new game and is a genderqueer librarian. Laura likes to customise games and change the rules. Laura also runs the @LeedsMeeples twitter feed. They like strategy games that you don't have to take too seriously or learn too many rules to enjoy, and anything where you get to talk a lot. They are sometimes known as Toby - please see name label for current name.
Favourite games: Dominion,
 We Didn't Play Test This At All,
Mascarade, Articulate and Agricola.
Expert in: Pandemic
Hates: Seven Wonders, Race for the Galaxy