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Doom and Board Review of Leeds Meeples - "It’s a very friendly group of people where even anti-social hermits like myself can have a good time."

Jess Haigh's Review of Leeds Meeples - Jess says 'Meeples is the ultimate proof that it isn’t winning, it’s the taking part that counts.'

MacMonkey - "If anyone is wondering if they should go to @LeedsMeeples please go. I was really nervous about going by myself and everyone was lovely."

JuniperJennie - "I think it's a great atmosphere at Meeples and everyone's very friendly. Only been twice and recommending already. The aim is not to win but to laugh until your ribs hurt and your cheeks are all squishy from smiling."

Full Measure (Leeds CAMRA magazine) issue 127  - "The games played range from the light-hearted to the competitive and there's always someone willing to explain the rules and assist new players"