What To Expect

The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and drama free, and we tend to focus on fun, easy to teach games. If you're after Very Serious Game-Playing, or want a hostile, uncomfortable atmosphere where everyone's angry and stressed out at each other, Meeples is not for you.

You don't need to bring a game (but you're welcome to) and you certainly don't need to know how to play a game. We're happy to teach you and we won't rush you when playing. We tend to have a reasonable gender and sexuality mix and we're not a fan of anyone being patronised or made to feel uncomfortable.

While we have our competitive moments (otherwise known as Munchkin, the game that will make you hate your dearest friends), we play plenty of lighthearted, co-operative games and even enjoy a bit of socialising during our play of more complex games!

We want everyone to feel comfortable - if anything or anyone does make you feel uncomfortable, just contact us (anonymously if you want). We take our feedback seriously as we want to keep our atmosphere friendly and pleasant. We expect everyone to show respect for other people regardless of sexuality, gender/gender presentation, disability, race, background or social skills. This includes us as organisers - please let us know if we don't live up to our standards.

At a Meeples event, you'll find a table full of games that people have brought - these are for everyone to play with - we just ask that you take care while using other people's games. Another table has sticky labels so no-one has to guess at people's names. You'll also find a room full of people keen to make new board gaming friends, play with new people and try new games. Just join any group and start playing, or ask Dave or Laura to introduce you if you prefer.