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A Guide to Behaviour at Meeples

Be patient. Lots of people come to Meeples who haven't played board games before. Don't expect people to know all about board gaming and don't forget the point is to have fun, not to play as many games as possible.

Don't be offensive. Meeples doesn't allow games like Cards Against Humanity because some of the cards can be upsetting to a bunch of people and it really isn't great to play around people you don't know. Don't make jokes about people being trans, don't make jokes about people being gay, lazy stereotypes based on anyone's gender or race won't make you any friends here. Please let organisers know about any offensive behaviour and feel free to call people out on it yourselves.

Be careful with people's games. Avoid putting anything down on a wet surface - use a beermat to avoid condensation. Be extra careful if eating while playing. Check you have all the pieces when you're finished and make sure the games you use are put away as you found them. 

Wear a name label at Meeples. This is welcoming to new people and helpful for those of us who are hard of hearing.

Be careful not to block the room up too much so people can get by, and try not to shout when playing games as this soon builds up so that people can't hear each other. If you want to play a noisy game, have a look around the rest of the venue and see if you can go into a different area.